Would you like to know how to develop and deliver clear communication or critical information to your organization? Do you wish your boss, pastor, or leader was better at using humor? Have you ever wondered how great speakers find and use such meaningful illustrations? Do you ever wish YOU were considered a great speaker? It can happen for you or someone you know! Everyone can benefit from ASCEND. For over two decades Kenn Kington has communicated in the most extreme and diverse settings possible. From performing comedy in arenas, Comedy Clubs, and churches to motivating corporate audiences, to inspiring churches from over 100 different denominations, Kenn has mastered the art of reaching and engaging his audience. How can one person be so effective in so many different settings? Kenn had studied, refined, and developed the principles that have made the most effective communicators successful, and he has combined those game-changing principles into an interactive seminar appropriately called ASCEND.

ASCEND is the result of this life long study. Each session will pass on to you these principles with practical application. After each session, the participants will develop and deliver a talk based on the exact lesson. Each communicator will also learn how to, not only understand the principles but, develop them and self-coach moving forward.